Dr. Pierre Tichit


My name is Pierre Tichit and I am a sensory ecologist with a focus on how the visual world influences the anatomy, ecology and behaviours of insects. I started my higher education in France in 2008, where I obtained a master’s degree in Biology from the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon. After having experienced diverse research environments across Europe (in France, Germany and Denmark), I started my PhD in 2016 in the world-renowned Vision Group at Lund University, Sweden. For more than four years, I compared the visual systems, flight strategies and ecological properties of bees to unravel what factors drive the diversity of their eyes. After obtaining my PhD degree in April 2021, I started a postdoc at the insect lablab in Stockholm, Sweden. My current goal is to further explore the connections between eye, behaviour and ecology by comparing the visual systems of dung beetle species with different navigation strategies.

As a person, I have a strong personal interest for environmental sustainability and nature conservation. I am also an amateur musician and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and above all cross-country skiing!

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Recent publications

Tichit P, Zhou T, Kjer HM, Andersen Dahl V, Bjorholm Dahl A, Baird E. 2020 InSegtCone: Interactive Segmentation of crystalline Cones in compound eyes. bioRxiv. (submitted).


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Taylor GJ, Tichit P, Schmidt MD, Bodey AJ, Rau C, Baird E. 2019 Bumblebee visual allometry results in locally improved resolution and globally improved sensitivity. Elife8.