I grew up in Mexico City, Mexico before moving to the United States where I received my Bachelor’s in Marine Science and Biology at the University of Tampa, Florida. I then moved to the Netherlands to pursue my master’s degree in Marine Biology at the University of Amsterdam where I focused my research on the effect of anthropogenic stressors on Antarctic pteropods and Caribbean corals.

During my PhD I will be investigating the morphological and physiological responses of bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) to climate warming. I will be focusing on how elevated temperatures affect brain physiology and morphology. I will also investigate the effect of temperature on metabolism and the consequences of high temperature on bumblebee foraging behavior. For this I will do physiological measurements at elevated temperatures in the lab, surveying foraging behavior of bumblebees in the field, and using computed-tomography for morphological measurements. This will help us understand how pollinators will respond to climate change and how pollinator services could be affected.