Fatih Aksoy


After studying Biology at Fatih University in Turkey, I worked as a Biology teacher in Bangladesh between years 2011 and 2017. I also worked as the head of the department for 2 years. While I worked there, I studied Master of Educational leadersihp and School Improvement at BRAC University.


I am interested in animal physiology mostly, how body function and structure are related in an animal. I am also interested in programming and have recently got an online certificate for Python.

Current research

Bumblebees represent a wonderful model to study the link between anatomy and behaviour. The anatomy of the bee's antennae is of particular interest to me as it is one of the most important sensory organs allowing to recognize palatable from non-palatable food. But apart from olfactory and gustatory receptors, the antennae also contains mechano-sensory receptors.


I use AMIRA 3D Analysis Software to focus on the bumblebee's antennae sensilla types and the related neurons involved in sensory functions. The goal is to perform comparative analysis between different species of bees to relate the animal to its ecological system.

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