Bérénice Cariou


I grew up in France and there I received my bachelor degree in Life Sciences from Sorbonne Université in Paris. I am continuing my studies with a Master's degree in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution at Sorbonne Université, where I am specialising in Ecophysiology and Ecotoxicology. I realised my first internship on the effect of elevated temperature and the presence of trout on the Pyrenean brook salamander at the CNRS in France. I am mainly interested in the impact of elevated temperatures brought on by climate change on animal morphology, physiology and behaviour.

Current research

I started my second year Master internship at Stockholm University in February 2021. In my internship project, I am investigating the effect of elevated rearing temperatures on bumblebee morphology and behaviour. I am using a comparative approach (two different rearing temperatures) and analyse the effects at different levels: colony development, morphology, cognition and foraging behaviour. I focus my study on Bombus terrestris, the most common bumblebee species in Europe, and conduct morphological measurements, PER (Proboscis Extension Reflex) experiments and study plant-pollinator interactions. The final goal is to assess how morphological changes caused by increased temperature during development impact foraging behaviour. My results will help us predict the vulnerability of this species and the ecological service they provide.