As part of my second year of Master’s degree in functional, behavioral and evolutionary ecology at the University of Rennes in France, I am currently undertaking a six-month internship from January to June 2024 in the Insect Sensory Ecology and Cognition Lab. My task here is to investigate the effect of elevated temperature on bumblebee’s cognition, in collaboration with another intern, Julia Tesse.

After finishing high school, I attended preparatory classes in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics in Nancy. I then pursued a double bachelor’s degree in Cellular Biology and Physiology of Organisms and also in Chemistry, at the University of Strasbourg. During my first year of Master’s degree, I completed a two-month internship at the Institut Biogeosciences UMR CNRS in Dijon. The aim of this first internship was to examine the effect of a copper pesticide on the oviposition behavior and life history traits of a biological control agent, the Trichogramma cordubensis.